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About company  

  Our company was founded in June 2004 by the team of professionals who had a strong background and more than 10 years experience working for the similar domestic and foreign firms.
   Employees of "Marking devices" are co-authors of all patents in this field in Russia. This fact allowed us to reach significant results during the shortest period of time.
  Our goal is to develop our own working style and set up a healthy competition, both at the domestic and at the world market.
  The activity of our company is based on fundamental researches of ink drops formation, electrostatic processes and on a wide experience in hydro automatic. Also in our products we use the latest achievements in microprocessor techniques, the highest technologies and modern materials.
  We are trying to produce good-looking and quality products, at the same time achieving maximal reliability of the devices and decreasing the maintenance costs of our manufacture. "Marking devices" is developing and manufacturing the devices for contactless marking any surfaces with mosaically-matrix images by means of an ink drops jet. The method of drops emission with a constant pressure and ultrasonic synchronization allow marking the objects, moving with speeds ranging from 5 m/c up to 1 mm/c.
  In addition to development and manufacturing devices we carry out guarantee and postguarantee repair, and also provide customers with spare parts and materials.
  We willingly render consultations concerning operation and service of our marking printers, give recommendations on installation of devices on your manufacture and help to choose right paint for your products.
  We invite physical and legal persons to cooperate in promotion of our products on the Russian and the worlds market.

   22/17 Moiseenko st., St.-Petersburg, Russia, 191144
   mob. ph.:+7 (812) 949-68-61, +7 (921) 307-44-50
   ph. 271-3000, fax 271-4188, e-mail: