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Marking examples

 At the current moment we offer to our clients two base models of inkjet printers with single printing head, and one model with the abbility to install up to six printing heads simultaneously. These models are capable to satisfy diversified needs in marking of production.



Number of lines in the mark - 1-2
Maximum symbol number in the line - 124
Matrix resolution -   768х16
Number of fonts -      6
Symbolic LCD indicator - 2х24
keyboard - 78 keys
Price -   

Маркировочный принтер МАК-2

Marking printer МАК-4


Number of lines in mark - 1-4
Maximum symbol number in the line - 248
Matrix resolution -    1280х32
Number of fonts -      7
Graphical LCD indicator - 64х240
Keyboard - 79 keys
RS-232 for loading user marks and trade marks
into the personal computer
Price -   



MAK 2-6

Number of lines in mark - 2
Maximum symbol number in the line - 32
Number of fonts -      4
Number of printing heads - 6
Printing speed - 30 centimeters per second
Price -   

MArking printer МАК-6
The complete set also includes the photosensor, one litre of ink, one litre of solvent, spare parts and tools and the operational manual.
We give one year warrenty for our product.
The full list of device characteristics can be seen here: MAK-2 MAK-4,   MAK 2-6.
The information of the ink used in our printers, is available here.
The list of spare parts and blocks to domestic printers contains in this document.
The maintenance instruction - (0.83M)
The software for loading trade marks - (2.67M)
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