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    The Russian leader in inkjet marking technologies and Industrial inkjet marking printers production

   "Marking devices" Ltd. has been engaged in development and industrial manufacture of the inkjet marking printers for a long time. These devices are used for marking any surface by means of the thin jet of a quick-drying paint.
   Our devices are very fast, they provide an excellent printing quality and can be used for printing all kinds of information, like trade marks, dates, time, " best before ... " like text, numbers of weeks, automatic production counters, etc. The Examples of marks can be found here.
    The advantages of inkjet technologies over traditional methods of marking (labels, punching, etc.) are:
  - The noncontacting method of marking,
  - High speed and excellent printing quality,
  - The possibility of a fast message change
   Basically our printers are used on industrial lines where products, being marked, move on the conveyor. The photosensors provide automatic detection of products movement, and the coordination with the conveyor speed is made by tahosensor. There is an opportunity of combining the printers with various equipment (for example, "OBA" and "OMNIA" sorting machines) and with a computer for loading the user's trade marks and logos into the printer's memory.
  The inkjet printers produced by the "Marking devices" have a number of advantages over the other imported and domestic devices such as:
  - A set of capital and lowercase letters,
  - The keyboard layout is close to a computer,
  - Fast access to the often used commands,
  - Fast change of the mark and the language of the menu,
  - Symbolic 224 or graphic 64240 LCD display,
  - Lower solvent consumption,
  - Easily removable nozzle,
  - The visual control of drops formation,
  - Communication with the computer,
  - No necessity of a pneumonetwork.
   Marking of your products is the inevitable requirement for any production, and also an opportunity to protect your products from falsification.
  Our printers satisfy the requirements of 12.2133-97.
  Serial release according 5164-001-72495792-2004. The certificate RU.40.17083.
  Besides manufacturing inkjet printers our organization has the service center which is providing guarantee and postguaranty service for our devices, and also repairs domestic inkjet printers of all generations.
   For our customers convenience we do wholesale and retail deliveries of account materials, spare parts, and quality imported ink and solvents.
   Our principle is: ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD..

   22/17 Moiseenko st., St.-Petersburg, Russia, 191144
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